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Dakhla is the very beautiful place. And is becoming one of the most visited places by the tourists. This place has beautiful and calm beaches, also historical sites. Dakhla also gives you accommodation in your budget. That’s why people choose this place to visit in vacations. Travel guides are also there for your help. Travel idea to visit this place is good.

The beach clubs:

Dakhla beach clubs are very beautiful. It is far from all crowd of cities. Perfect place to relax and enjoy. The only sound of the wind you can hear. Firstly this place was developed for the young people who like water sports, but now many families also visit this place.

This place has become now a small city in the desert. It has all the things, one wants. You can have best resorts, delicious foods and many things for entertainment. You will enjoy a lot to experience first time visit to the dragon land, where you can see white sand, Eating fresh food from the oyster farm and attending the bar night are all the things that will make your trip memorable.

Dakhla has beaches from the north to south, a peaceful place with lots of beauty in it. Far from every tension and crowd best place to relax in the sunshine. When you enter this place, it gives you feeling of heaven.everything is quiet and in a beautiful way.

Dakhla and Accommodation to stay:

Not to worry about the accommodation, when planning to visit Dakhla. This place gives the tourist accommodation in their budget. It totally depends on your choice where you want to stay.

Accommodation on the beach is very simple but nice and comfortable place to stay at night at an affordable price.

The Dakhla Attitude offers you four type of accommodation, the Berber tent, bungalow camp, the dragon camp and VIP bungalows, these bungalows gives you very awesome views. All depend on your choice and money, which accommodation you want to live in.

Dakhla places to visit:

There are many places in Dakhla to visit. Temples and Qila, ancient Mosque and Museum are all the best place and also always recommended by travel guides as well.

Qasr center:

Al Qasr is the center with houses made of mud bricks, big madrassa and three story Mosque with a beautiful minaret. These all buildings are the charm of this place. One should visit this place to see the charm and beauty.

Dakhla Qila:

Qila of old times, made from mud bricks is open for the public to visit it. A historical place with so much beauty. Travel guides are here for any kind of help.

The museum of Dakhla:

Very interesting place to visit. This museum shows the culture of Dakhla. Different areas for man and women. They have displayed the traditional jewelry, clothes and many other things that show their culture.


In Dakhla restaurants, fresh food is served and good way. Their restaurants have different menus for all three times.

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