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Social media marketing is a process in which traffic on products is increased through social media sites. You can take different actions on social media to attract customers. Several social sites are available on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Marketing tools are used to increase traffic on social media sites. These tools should be carefully used for the purpose of marketing. Some of the best tools for social media marketing are:

Cyfe: all in one dashboard

It is all in one dashboard through which you can monitor your data easily about your business. Widgets of Cyfe are pre-built and can be developed on your own. Pre-built widgets take data from Google and Salesforce. On the other hand, you can create your widgets. It includes features of monitoring everything, pre-built widgets, customer data sources, historical data, data export, and TV mode. It helps to monitor multiple websites and each department of your business. A marketer can export data and download in the form of JPEG, PNG, and CVS AND PDF format. You can save the history of your past data so that you can review it anytime.  Millions of users are associated with it to monitor in the form all in one dashboard.

Curalate: unlock power of pictures

It offers marketing solution for your business. It includes the feature of a monitor all media images, videos and 3D content. It can monitor content from any platform.  You can monitor your visual content on different social media platforms by Curalate. It gives recognition of your images on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It helps to find what people say about your brand.

Social rank: connection with followers

Social rank helps to monitor, identify and manage followers on different media platforms such Instagram and Twitter. It ranks your followers based on the intensity of following. It ranks in the form of most engaged followers, most valuable followers, best followers and most followed. It grades followers based on their replies, mentions, and frequency of retweets. To get best results, buy instagram followers from instaboostgramdotcom and manage them for perfect social interaction. You can filter followers using some keywords, interests, geographic locations and activity. It finds out your competitors followers and their top followers as well.

Babbly: viral linking strategy

It helps to boost sharing of your content. It is a sharing tool which helps to reach your content to more viewers and your status go viral. You can post your status to the Babbly which deserves sharing and reaching to more viewers. It will go viral after posting it to Babbly. You have to select the number of shares that your post deserves. You have to add a description of your post and select a category of post. After all this, URL will reach to a huge number of audience.

Quuu: build a stream of content

It offers a solution for curated content. You have to select categories which are important for you and your audience. Send this curated content to your Buffer account. You can schedule posts through the buffer.

So, these are best tools for social media marketing of your business content. Marketers should use these tools to boost their viewers on social media.

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