Interesting features of WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube

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WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube are most popular social media sites. People are using it, but still not aware of some of its interesting features.

Here are some of the following:

WhatsApp :

WhatsApp is the instant messaging application. This application allows different smartphone users to exchange text, videos, and audios. WhatsApp is mostly used by the people who don’t have unlimited messages. You can create group and location options on it.

Interesting WhatsApp features:


You can star the message by long pressing on the text, then tapping on the star icon. This is an accessible way to go back to the phone number, article link or address.

To view starred messages on IOS select the star button along with the bottom of the screen. The Android users have to the menu and then select star button for star messaging.

Silent conversation:

When you are busy in a meeting or any other official work, you can silent the conversation. WhatsApp mute feature is a way to silent the group chats conversation or friends conversation.


You can custom the notifications having alert sound for every message, you can now custom alert for some individuals. By doing this you will know who message you.

Facebook & Instagram:

Facebook is one of the most popular social sites. Registered members can create profiles, share pictures and videos on it. You can send messages and can do video chat with your friends and family. Facebook is a good way to interact with others.

Amazing features of Facebook & Instagram:

Saving the link:

If you see something interesting on your news feed, you can save the link to read later. You will see a save option in the menu. On the Facebook save option shows the place, music, movies, and books. On the pages save options are there.


Follow people without becoming friend with them. Or others can even follow you without sending you a friend request. On someone’s profile, there is a follow button, by clicking on that you can follow them. You can see their recent posts, as just you see their post when you become a friend. Like Facebook followers, you can also buy Instagram followers for more fame. To follow someone doesn’t allow other to accept or reject your request. You can follow them with any problem.


YouTube is the video website. On this people can serve or store video content. The members of you-tube can share the video on any social site.

Amazing features of YouTube:

Pausing the video:

The easy way to pause the video is to press the space bar. It saves your time to hold the mouse and then click on the pause button. By pressing again the space bar video will start.

Watch the video latter:

If you are watching a video and want to stop in the middle, but fear to do so, then don’t worry. Click on the latter to watch button, looks like a clock. By doing this you don’t have to search the same video, it will be in the watch latter channel. You will easily find it.


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